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To share and integrate the CARTA method within universities and research groups requires a skilled cadre of facilitators. Experiencing the methods in action for themselves is crucial. You can use or adapt this manual to introduce the CARTA approach and a selection of activities to a group of future facilitators. By building this training into your department or faculty’s regular schedule, you can ensure that the methodology is mainstreamed in a sustainable way within your institution and with partners.

Once mainstreamed, this approach can help African institutions to improve the quality of postgraduate training and enhance graduates’ global competitiveness. Adopting or adapting these practices will improve the quality of research outputs and they, in turn, can contribute to setting and implementing strategic policy priorities. Moreover, such well-trained graduates are likely publish in high-impact journals, which will increase the visibility of the imple-menting institutions and contribute to continental and global knowledge production.

For the approach to be truly effective, however, trainers and facilitators need a thorough introduction to it. This
handbook outlines training to achieve such an introduction.

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