This set of interconnected sessions introduces a range of skills and concepts through participatory activities focused on a specific question. (The example in the video concerns the social determinants of under-five mortality.)

Students will:

  • reflect on the philosophies of knowledge within their own disciplines
  • recognise the contribution of other disciplines and the importance of multidisciplinarity
  • learn efficient ways to search for, read, critique, summarize and reference academic articles
  • identify, through a literature search, their discipline’s contribution to exploring, describing and evaluating interventions in order to understand the specific public-health question you have chosen
  • understand and use the concept of social determinants of health and the social levels at which they operate
  • collectively construct a research framework


Multidisciplinarity: Learning across fields of study


Engage resource people well in advance of the sessions. In addition to yourself/selves as facilitator/s, identify and invite a researcher or librarian to introduce database searches and support students as they work.


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