Session 7. Present Contributions by Discipline

2 hours

In this learner-led session, students present the contribution of their discipline to the understanding of a public health problem. They also share their insights into the epistemology of their discipline.


Preparation for you, the facilitator

  •  Watch or re-watch the CARTA video: Multidisciplinarity. Note that this is an aid to your preparation, not for students.
  • In advance of the session, each discipline-specific team prepares a PowerPoint presentation.

By the end of the session, students can:

  •  Discuss the role of the different disciplines in solving public health problems.
  • Discuss how the epistemology and methodologies of any discipline shape the types of contributions that that discipline can make
90 minutes1. Present: The role of our disciplineSmall groups to whole group
30 minutes2. Discuss presentations and insightsWhole group
  • Step 1. The role of our discipline
    90 minutes
    Each team takes a turn to present their findings in PowerPoint.

    They have 10–15 minutes each, plus five minutes for follow-up questions of clarity.

  • Step 2: Discuss presentations and insights
    30 minutes
    Invite the group to identify any ‘Aha!’ moments and what caused them: what did you learn for the first time from these presentations and from the series of sessions as a whole?

    Conclude by inviting students to summarise the learning over the course of these sessions.

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