Session 5. Manage References

6 hours

This session introduces students to the basics of reference management software (RMS) to enable them to:

  • create a library of references
  • automatically build a bibliography/reference list in MS Word
  • collect and store both citations and full-text articles from literature searches across various databases

Preparation for you, the facilitator


By the end of the session, students can:

  • see the value of using RMS to keep track of reading materials and to enable effective and consistent referencing
  • store and organise references in a searchable database
  • easily convert referencing styles to suit publication requirements
  • produce accurate, consistent in-text citations
  • generate reference lists or bibliographies within academic writing by linking an RMS to MS Word using the ‘cite while you write’ feature
  • share collections of references (libraries) with others for collaborative purposes
20 minutes1. Introduce reference managementFacilitator
20 minutes2. Create a libraryStudents
30 minutes3. Populate a libraryStudents
20 minutes4. Download a web importer and MS Word plug-inStudents
30 minutes5. Create citations and generate a bibliographyStudents
4 hours6. Search and export referencessStudents/s
  • Step 1. Introduce reference management
    20 minutes
    Explain reference management software (RMS) and compare Mendeley and other packages.
  • Step 2. Create a library
    20 minutes
    Guide students to create a library and explore the library interface.
  • Step 3. Populate a library
    30 minutes
    Each student populates the library they have created, manually and from databases.
  • Step 4. Download a web importer and MS Word plug-in
    20 minutes
    Students become familiar with using these tools.
  • Step 5. Create citations and generate a bibliography
    30 minutes
    Students use the Cite While You Write (CWYW) feature to create citations and generate a bibliography automatically.
  • Step 6. Search and export references
    4 hours
    With supervision, students apply newly learned techniques to search for relevant papers. They use RMS software to export references to the Mendeley library they have created.

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